UN ambassador who met Scottish biofuel innovators hurt in horror crash

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UN Ambassador for the Convention on Migratory Species Sacha Dench is recovering in hospital after an air accident days after visiting Celtic Renewables.
The paraglider who was raising awareness about the climate crisis was seriously hurt in the incident in the Western Highlands of Scotland.
A spokesman for her said her “injuries were serious, but they were not life-threatening”.
The crash happened shortly after she met with company founder Professor Martin Tangney OBE as part of her round Britain climate challenge to raise awareness of the effects of climate change, and shine a light on the innovators working to solve the crisis.
The UN ambassador toured the Celtic Renewables plant – which will be the first biorefinery in the country - and learned first-hand how it has patented low-carbon technology converting unwanted and low-value biological materials, such as by-products from whisky distilling, into high-value, low carbon chemicals.
These can replace petrochemicals currently used in the multitude of products used every day from cleaning materials to food production.
During her visit, Dench said: “I am delighted to be back in Scotland and visiting the beautiful capital and surrounds. I am looking forward to meeting people who are truly focused on answers to the climate crisis – not problems - and as such are inspirations to all. We’re trying to answer the question: We drove the Industrial Revolution, can we drive the Green Revolution too?”
On her visit, Professor Tangney OBE added: “We were thrilled to host Sacha here at Celtic Renewables as part of this ambitious round Britain Climate Challenge. In our view, COP26 must move us from justifying why we need to tackle climate change, to determining how, and Sacha's expedition shining a spotlight on the people and initiatives helping us achieve Net Zero, is helping set this direction of travel.”