The steady boom continues

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Tom Fox, head of renewable fuels, OTX describes how as the world emerges from the Covid pandemic, the renewable diesel (RD) market will continue its steady boom in 2022.
He said: “Despite challenges, RD and its related process product sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) have proven to be superior biofuels — no alternative in the low-carbonliquid- fuel space can compete against its mature technology, high diesel-quality specifications, proven supply distribution, ability to attract finance, and futureproof strength in decarbonising the fuel demand that cannot yet electrify.
“Even though it has no real competition, RD is not immune from risk and 2022 will test the limits of its success.
The rules
“The regulatory landscape for low-carbon policy in 2022 will only grow stronger.
“From COP26 outcomes to the increasingly mainstream focus on climate change, most countries’ policy outlooks have swung firmly toward decarbonisation. Because RD works and is available now, it will remain a clear path to providing low-carbon energy in transportation. In terms of policy, keep an eye on EU Member States’ implementation of RED II...

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