Terminal investments boosts presence in northern Sweden

Sweden-based sustainable chemical and biofuels supplier Wibax AB has announced it is investing a total of SEK 15 million (€1.38 million) in two new terminals in the Port of Skellefteå, in the north of the country.
These are near  Wibax's existing terminals in the area.


“Wibax continues to grow and with this investment, we want to further strengthen our presence in the northern region," says Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax Group.
The terminals in Skelleftehamn are Wibax’s second most northerly and are strategically located for deliveries to many of Wibax’s customers.
The investment means the company will strengthen the current tank farm portfolio with a further 22 cisterns with a total storage capacity of 94 000 m³. Together, these have a storage capacity of 177 000 m³ and a total of 44 cisterns of varying sizes.
The terminals are suited for handling ship, rail and tanker truck transportation. The investment...

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