Technological challenges

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Nicholas Ball, founder & CEO at Xfuel, outlines what inspired him to become involved in the biofuels space.

What was your first job?
My first job was a summer job when I was 12 years old, supporting an electrician with the electrical installation of a new hotel in Mallorca, Spain - which is where I grew up. When I entered the workforce following my engineering master’s degree from Imperial College in London (and where I later obtained my PhD), I began working as a systems engineer, developing software in the financial services industry.

What interested you about the biofuels industry?
I landed in the biofuels space through an investment into what is now called XFuel. What attracted me to delve deeper into the space, was the ability for a sustainable drop-in fuel to provide immediate global impact. There are few solutions, which can decarbonise industries in such an effortless way from a consumer perspective. The only real barrier to achieving this in the sustainable fuels space is the cost of production and availability of sustainable feedstocks – points which the right technology can overcome.
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