Swedish chemicals firm gets green light to produce hand sanitisers

Sekab will be producing the product
Sekab will be producing the product
More chemical companies are switching to the production of hand sanitisers as global demand grows in the current crisis.

Swedish firm Sekab is now producing the product for the healthcare system after getting a temporary exemption from the Swedish Chemicals Industry.

Within one to two weeks, Sekab expects to produce around 65,000 litres made from ethanol from Domsjö Fabriker biorefinery in Örnsköldsvik.

“The spread of the coronavirus must be delayed and the elderly protected from infection.

“Here in Örnsköldsvik, we have a centuries-old tradition of refining ethanol, and of course we want to help produce hand-spirit for the health care in this emergency location.

“Now, thanks to rapid action from the relevant authorities, we have been given a clear sign to produce both hand spirit and disinfectant,” said Tomas Nilsson, CEO of Sekab..

The hand sanitiser will be distributed according to the recommendation of the National Board of Health and Welfare to the businesses with the greatest need.
Sekab will be producing the product