Sweden’s grain harvest above five-year average

COVID-19 has put the industry in the spotlight
COVID-19 has put the industry in the spotlight
Swedish agricultural cooperative Lantmännen has forecast that the annual harvest will amount to 6.1 million tonnes in total this year.
Lantmännen said the forecast for the annual harvest of grain, oilseed crops and pulses would be lower than last year’s bumper harvest but slightly above the five-year average.
“We are expecting a good harvest in Sweden this year, in terms of both volume and quality, although there will be regional differences. We have a big responsibility to handle the harvest in the best ways. Lantmännen has plenty of capacity to receive, dry and store grain and is well-prepared to take charge of this year’s harvest in a safe and secure way, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,” said Mikael Jeppsson, head of the grain unit at Lantmännen.
COVID-19 has brought to a head the question of how important Swedish agriculture and a functioning food chain has been.
“Ensuring a good food supply is of the utmost importance, especially in times of crisis. As such, this year’s harvest is more significant than ever and we as a business, and our members – Swedish farmers – have an important social responsibility,” added Per Lindahl, chairman of the Lantmännen Board.
Lantmännen is owned by 20,000 farmers with grain at the heart of its operations.
COVID-19 has put the industry in the spotlight