Sustainable fuels to be tested at EIA

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The Airport City Sustainability Campus will be a launch point and demonstration hub for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) under a new agreement with an Alberta-based energy company.
Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and SixRing, a subsidiary of Calgary-based Fluid Energy Group, have signed an agreement to utilise the SixRing process to produce one of the world’s cleanest drop-in aviation fuels.
SixRing has developed a suite of patented chemical formulas, methods, and low-energy processes to create biofuels, including SAF and advanced materials from sustainable cellulose.
SixRing’s biofuels proprietary low-energy biomass conversion process occurs at ambient temperatures and pressures.
The EIA will support SixRing by making introductions to airlines and industry partners.
“Edmonton International Airport is delighted to serve as a strategic development and commercialisation partner for SixRing’s revolutionary biofuels production technology, which carries the potential to have a major impact in driving the sustainability of the world’s aviation industry," said Myron Keehn, vice president, air service, business development, ESG and government relations, EIA.
"EIA has a proven track record in supporting transportation and manufacturing innovation that helps create jobs in Alberta and that can also benefit our wider Canadian and international partners and stakeholders.”
“SixRing is very pleased to establish this major strategic industry partnership with the Edmonton International Airport, which has such a compelling track record for innovation and sustainability," said Clay Purdy, CEO of Fluid Energy Group and SixRing Inc.
"We are confident that EIA strongly shares our vision for the “greening” of global aviation and will prove to be an impactful partner in commercializing our transformative technologies.”

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