Sustainable biofuel

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In a world increasingly focused on the pressing challenges of climate change and the imperative to transition away from fossil fuels, a new era of sustainable, renewable energy sources has been unfolding.
Amid this transition, the quest for sustainable and scalable biofuel feedstocks has also intensified. Understanding this gap, Terviva recognised the power of the Pongamia tree, a subtropical tree native to countries like India and Australia, for its immense potential as a sustainable new feedstock for producing advanced biofuels.
The tree is a carbon-sequestering, perennial crop that is suited for a climate changing world, with its ability to grow and revitalise poor quality and underutilised land while also offering sustainable food and fuel.
This potential is being harnessed and led by agriculture innovation company Terviva which is advancing commercial opportunities to produce the products at scale.
Understanding Pongamia
Pongamia, a climate-resilient, hardy tree, stands at the forefront of a potential revolution in biofuel production, containing attributes that make it future ready to thrive in a world with a changing...

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