Sustainable Aviation backs UK Prime Minister’s 2050 vision

The target date is 2050
The target date is 2050
The UK Prime Minister’s ambitious plans to develop the world’s first zero emission long-haul flight has been welcomed by Sustainable Aviation.
Boris Johnson made the announcement during his ‘New Deal’ speech, setting out plans to “rebuild Britain and fuel economic recovery” after the COVID-19 pandemic has been defeated.
He said: “As part of our mission to reach ‘net-zero’ CO2 emissions by 2050, we should set ourselves the goal now of producing the world’s first zero emission long haul passenger plane. Jet Zero, let’s do it.”
The chairman of Sustainable Aviation Adam Morton backed the Prime Minister’s proposals.

He said: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s ambition to develop the world’s first zero emission long-haul passenger plane, building on the recent announcement to form a Jet Zero Council.
“As our Decarbonisation Road-Map sets out earlier this year, the adoption of newer, more efficient aircraft using sustainable fuels can help the industry realise these ambitions. Given the critical role Sustainable Aviation Fuels have in this journey, we urge the Government to support the rapid commercialisation of the first few production facilities.”
Sustainable Aviation believes the country can accommodate a 70% growth in passengers by 2050 while reducing net carbon emissions levels from just over 30 million tonnes of CO2 per year down to zero through smarter flight operations, new aircraft and engine technology, modernising airspace, the use of sustainable aviation fuels and significant investment in carbon reductions through smart market-based policy measures.
The target date is 2050