Sulzer pump technology enabling next generation biofuel production

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Sulzer pump technology has been selected by Raízen, Brazil’s largest producer of ethanol from biomass feedstock, as a supplier for their new second-generation ethanol (E2G) processing facilities.
Sulzer is supplying a range of special metallurgy, process and utility pumps to process raw materials in support of renewable biofuel production for three new facilities.
Made with sugarcane waste from Raizen’s conventional bioethanol production, E2G production has potential to increase efficiency by up to 50% while reducing emissions.
As the world’s most widely used biofuel, bioethanol is commonly mixed with fossil fuel to reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector – and demand for it is increasing steadily.
E2G represents significant efficiency gains, including a renewable biofuel that emits 97% less greenhouse gas than gasoline when burned.
Raizen will produce E2G using the sugarcane waste from its conventional bioethanol plants, which is known as bagasse.
Given the fibrous nature of bagasse, pumps, pipes and valves supporting E2G production are particularly susceptible to blockage, corrosion and early failure.
Sulzer’s Division President Flow Equipment Jan Lüder said: “We are delighted to see our expertise and technology being selected for innovative solutions that reduce emissions and waste – in this case, using crop residues that are otherwise of no value, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels while safeguarding food crops.”
Henrique Nakamura, Raizen’s Director of Procurement, added: “We are accelerating our growth reach with our very unique and sustainable products, for which we rely on key strategic partners to deliver our new E2G plants on time and on cost.”

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