Strengthening its position as biofuels hub

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Independent bulk liquids storage and distribution company Standic, based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, received sustainability certification for biofuels storage several years ago.  The company was also awarded International Sustainability and Carbon Commission (ISCC-EU) and the German version ISCC System certification.
Standic said the certification was “essential” for both itself and its biofuels clients and that with these two certificates, it can further strengthen its position as an important biodiesel hub in northwest Europe.
Growing demand 
If fossil transport fuel demand  rebounds to close to prepandemic  levels and policy  support in key markets  continues to expand, transport  biofuel production could  reach 162 billion litres in  2021, a return to the 2019  level, according to the  International Energy Agency.
Output in the next 12 months is anticipated to increase a further 4% year-on-year to 169 billion litres.
Growing fuel demand and strengthened biofuel policies in Asian and South American countries enable those markets to account for the majority of the additional growth.  Countries in these...

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