Stepping into the biofuel market

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Businesses interested in producing biodiesel need advanced processing solutions that can achieve high purity levels while maximising the recovery of this fuel.
When Bremfield, a leading Malaysian vegetable oil processor, was looking to add biodiesel to its product portfolio, Sulzer Chemtech’s distillation technology offered an effective solution with a quick return on investment (ROI).
Rising demand for biobased fuels is opening key opportunities for businesses looking to enter the biodiesel sector.
This alternative to conventional fossil fuels leads to lower emissions of CO2 and particulate matter.
A substantial advantage for companies interested in producing biodiesel is the broad variety of feedstock available.
In effect, this fuel can be obtained by processing a wide range of resources, such as animal fats, vegetable oils or used cooking oil.
Therefore, businesses can utilise the raw material that best fit their needs and capabilities or resources that are already part of their production systems. Regardless of the chosen resource, the manufacturing process remains the same and is based on the transesterification of...

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