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Tim Cesarek, chief commercial officer at Gevo outlines some of the challenges the biofuels industry faces
Can you tell us a bit about Gevo and the work that you do there?
Gevo’s mission is to transform renewable energy and carbon into energy-dense liquid hydrocarbons. The liquid hydrocarbons can be used for drop-in transportation fuels such as petroleum, jet fuel and diesel fuel, that when burned have the potential to yield net-zero greenhouse gas emissions when measured across the full life cycle of the products.
Gevo uses low-carbon renewable resource-based carbohydrates as raw materials and is in an advanced state of developing renewable electricity and renewable natural gas for use in production processes, resulting in low-carbon fuels with substantially reduced carbon intensity.
The company believes that the Argonne National Laboratory GREET model is the best available standard of scientific-based measurement for life cycle analysis.
What do you think are some of the immediate challenges the sector faces in the years ahead?
I believe some of the most immediate challenges facing the sustainable...

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