Serving up a solution

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The pioneering partnership between Neste, McDonald’s Netherlands, and HAVI does more than cut fast food’s carbon emissions.
It proves that by scrutinising a company’s sustainability practices, hidden ways to future-proof your business through circularity are revealed.
Every day, McDonald’s serves fries and hamburgers to a multitude of customers.
Many of them are unaware that behind the food counters and drive-through windows, a streamlined logistics operation ensures that each restaurant receives the supplies and ingredients they need to prepare meals for their guests.  Besides that, with production and food preparation comes food waste, packaging waste and used cooking oil (UCO) that needs to be collected and processed.
Someone who does think about these processes is Antti Koivisto, head of service development within renewable road transportation at Neste.  He said: “We buy UCO as feedstock for renewable diesel, and we realised that there are potential suppliers who could actually buy [the  diesel] back as a product.”  Opportunities
Here lies an exciting  opportunity: if the waste  provider buys back the biofuel  refined from...

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