SAS launches tickets that incorporates biofuel

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SAS has launched two ticket types that include biofuel and will be available on all domestic, Scandinavian and European flights.
SAS aims to use fossil-free aviation fuel equivalent of all domestic flights by 2030 and is making it easier for travellers to be part of the journey by launching tickets that include the maximum allowed amount of biofuel.
Travelers buying Go Smart or Plus Pro tickets will be able to purchase th ese tickets with approximately 50% of biofuel included to lower the CO₂ emission of their SAS flight.
"Our journey toward a more sustainable aviation continues and by increasing the use of bio fuel we are bridging the gap to zero emission flights. We know it is important for our customers, both leisure and corporate, to actively take part in these efforts and SAS Bio will fill this demand,” said Ann-Sofie Hörlin, head of sustainability at SAS.
Go Smart Bio and Plus Pro Bio includes the cost of approximately 50% biofuel, which is calculated on an average journey, corresponding to approximately 60 minutes on Swedish or Norwegian domestic, 60 minutes within Scandinavia, 35 minutes on Danish domestic or 1hour 30 minutes on European flights.
The amount of biofuel purchased will be used to replace the equivalent amount of fossil fuel in SAS’ operations.
SAS guarantees that the purchase of biofuel takes place within 12 months. SAS makes no profit from the purchase.

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