Samskip confirms 90% cut in ship carbon emissions

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Samskip’s strategy for decarbonisation in shipping has been enhanced following a new agreement with GoodFuels.
Samskip has calculated that it will make 45,000 tonnes in additional CO2 emissions savings before the year is out as a result.
The agreement with supplier GoodFuels has committed the Samskip container ships Endeavour, Innovator, Hoffell and Skatafell to run on marine grade bio-residual fuels until the end of the year.
Offering a drop-in replacement that cuts 90% cuts off the CO2 emissions generated by conventional fuel oils, GoodFuels MDF1-100 biofuel is formulated entirely from sustainable waste streams from the EU’s Renewable Energy Directive list.
“Sustainable marine biofuels offer a viable way for Samskip to cut CO2 emissions by 90% so that our ships and freight customers reduce their carbon footprint in the interests of the planet,” said Erik Hofmeester, head of vessel management at Samskip. “It would take the equivalent of 1.7 million trees to offset this amount of CO2 emissions. As part of Samskip’s relationship with GoodFuels, freight owners also become part of a scheme where the lower ocean carbon footprint is auditable as carbon credits in the supply chain.”
Following biofuel trials in 2019, Samskip began running main engines onboard the 800-TEU Samskip Endeavour as a routine part of services between the Netherlands and Ireland.
“Verifiable performance is proving to be a key advantage for sustainable marine biofuels as a drop-in replacement for conventional oils,” said Max Verloop, marketing lead, GoodFuels. “Clearly, several solutions are required to decarbonize shipping overall, but biofuels are proving their case on scalability – one of the key challenges facing any low carbon fuel alternative.”