SAF-powered aircraft delivered to Latitude 33 Aviation

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Airplane manufacturer Bombardier has announced that US-based private jet charterer Latitude 33 Aviation has taken delivery of the first customer aircraft to be powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
Latitude 33 Aviation will manage and charter the Challenger 350 business jet in Seattle on behalf of the aircraft owner.
“We are very pleased that the customer and Latitude 33 Aviation joined us in demonstrating that SAF can become a mainstream, drop-in alternative to traditional jet fuel for general aviation aircraft,” said Peter Likoray, senior vice-president, worldwide sales and marketing at Bombardier Business Aircraft. “We are actively promoting the use of SAF as a regular part of flying business aircraft and Latitude 33 Aviation’s trust as the first customer to fly away from our delivery centre on these fuels represents a turning point in the longstanding and industry-wide pledge to reduce CO2 emissions.”
Latitude 33 Aviation’s commitment to sustainable flying marks a significant milestone in the increased use of SAF throughout the industry. It follows Bombardier’s inaugural shipment of SAF, a key element in the company’s plan to secure long-term partnerships with fuel suppliers to deploy SAF across the globe.
“We’re excited about our continued relationship with Bombardier,” added Solomon Short, director of operations at Latitude 33 Aviation. “Our company is known for its exceptional service and seamless travel experience, so this factory-new delivery will help us continue to provide one of the best charter flight experiences, as well as help address the industry’s environmental impact.”