Ryanair to push for greater SAF usage

Irish low-cost giant Ryanair has vowed to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to promote a carbon-neutral future.
The airline joined the Fuelling Flight Initiative as part of its pledge to turn the blue airline green.
Last month, British Airways said it was investing more in SAF in a bid to bring forward its increasing use.
Ryanair’s director of sustainability, Tom Fowler, said: “A transparent and future-proof regulatory framework for SAFs can support and equip airlines in their fight against climate change, and we are proud to be part of this initiative.
“With this new initiative, we take a further step to the achievement of our decarbonisation targets and the broader UN sustainable development goals.”
British Airways, for instance, is targeting SAFs made from household waste in addition to ethanol made from the leftovers of processing wheat straw.
Ryanair has been pushing for airlines across the industry to do their bit to bring down CO2 emissions.
In June 2019, the airline began to publish its monthly CO2 statistics, encouraging other airlines to follow suit.
With the current situation excluded, the airline argued that by operating with a higher load factor, its CO2 emissions per passenger were lower.
With the introduction of the 737 MAX, its CO2 emissions should drop further. The new aircraft is more efficient than their older counterparts and they will also carry more passengers, further lowering the proportion of CO2 emitted per passenger.

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