Royal Caribbean sets sail with renewable diesel

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Royal Caribbean has begun using renewable diesel fuel in its drive towards a more sustainable future.
Navigator of the Seas was supplied with the new bunker fuel at the Port of Los Angeles.
This renewable diesel fuel is made from renewable raw materials and will cut the amount of carbon emissions from exhaust gasses.
As part of Destination Net Zero, Royal Caribbean’s comprehensive decarbonisation strategy, the liner became its first ship to take on a new renewable diesel fuel.
While fuel cell technology and LNG power are fast developing into viable alternatives for new ships, an option for vessels burning marine gas oil was badly needed.
Renewable diesel has proven to be that alternative.
Produced by the hydroprocessing of fats, vegetable oils, and waste cooking oils, the fuel offers significantly fewer emissions than traditional maritime fuels while being chemically identical to standard diesel.
“We are committed to investing in technologies and innovations that will help us reduce emissions and fulfill our purpose to deliver great vacations responsibly,” said Laura Hodges Bethge, Royal Caribbean Group’s executive vice president, shared services operations.
“As we celebrate this milestone, we continue to set our sights on other leading alternative solutions to meet our net-zero goals.”