Resource Recovery favours ethanol

In May 2006 renewable energy company Resource Recovery submitted an application to the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to build a municipal waste landfill in Rush Township, Pennsylvania, US. However the company has switched focus and is now working on plans that could see the construction of an ethanol production plant.

The president of Resource Recovery Ed Abel explained that although a landfill will feature in the new project, it has been scaled down to one-fifth the size of the original 274-acre landfill site. Abel is aiming to resubmit plans for the site to the DEP by the end of this year.

The construction of the plant has been estimated to cost in the region of $280 million (€218.3 million), with an annual output capacity of 50 million gallons of ethanol.

Commenting on the change of direction Abel said: ‘Our focus is, and always has been ever since we started this project, on energy.’

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