Renewable transport fuel project set for Philippines

UK-based Gazasia is to develop an anaerobic digestion plant in the Philippines with local business Aseagas to provide clean, renewable transport fuel.

The project will create the first biomethane plant in the country, which will produce biogas from organic waste. This, in turn, will be processed to generate liquid biomethane to be used as fuel.

The initial $47 million (€34.3 million) project will be situated next to Absolut Distillers, a subsidiary of the Lucia Tan Group. Aseagas will take the effluent wastewater produced from the distillery process and run it through the digester.

Figures released by Aboitiz Equity Ventures, of which Aseagas is a subsidiary, estimates the facility will have an annual capacity of 8,000 tonnes of biomethane, capable of fueling up to 200 buses or heavy trucks a year.

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