Renewable fuels’ role in catalysing the US’s clean energy future

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Jeremy Baines, the president of Neste US, stressed that threat of climate change demands serious action in his Outlook 2022 feature for Biofuels International.
He said: “Business and government leaders must act now to help bring the change we all want and need to see in the world and that change will run on renewables.
“That is no easy task. Not every company can easily embrace sustainable or renewable practices. Many executives still face climate-change scepticism from their stakeholders and customers or concern that sustainability will negatively impact their business model.
“In some cases, there is also very real pressure to go ‘all in’ on one specific technology, even if it has yet to scale or be proven. Despite these challenges, the simple truth is that doing nothing is not acceptable.
“As US president of Neste, our company’s goal is to make it easier for US cities and businesses to achieve their climate goals faster with low emission renewable fuels.”
He added: “For the US to achieve its climate goals, it is essential for businesses to demonstrate meaningful climate action now. That means using more renewable fuels...

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