REG renewable diesel plant to expand

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Renewable Energy Group held a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the start of the expansion of its renewable diesel plant at REG Geismar.
The project will take total site production capacity from 90 million gallons per year to 340 million gallons per year.
REG Geismar was the first renewable diesel production facility in the US and was acquired by REG in 2014.
REG first announced their plans for expansion of REG Geismar in 2020, and announced earlier this year that the project was being combined with an original plant improvement project, with both being advanced to construction phase.
“This improvement and expansion project is a strategically advantaged growth project, and will position REG to continue our leadership in the renewable fuels industry,” said REG president & CEO Cynthia Warner. “The push from investors and regulatory leaders for lower-carbon solutions is being met with greater pull from sustainability-minded consumers who want to reduce their carbon profiles NOW.  REG is helping lead the transition to cleaner, greener energy and this project is an exceptional example of that.”
The project will involve upgrades to the existing site, as well as an expansion that will be located adjacent to the existing site. Improvements will include enhanced marine logistics that will enable global trading of feedstocks and fuel.