REG launches new bio-based diesel fuels

North American biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group has introduced a line of branded fuel solutions - EnDura Fuels™.
This branded product launch supports REG’s ongoing efforts to help the transport industry meet its sustainability and business growth objectives, while strengthening the company’s position in the marketplace.
The EnDura Fuels™ line consists of five bio-based diesel fuels including Renewable Energy Group’s newest product, PuriD™, a next-generation biodiesel.
PuriD™ exceeds industry quality standards and enables customers to blend it into renewable diesel at virtually any level and utilise higher biodiesel blends with petroleum diesel year-round.
These solutions are helping the trucking, rail, marine, aviation and other industries meet their sustainability targets through cleaner burning, lower emission fuels.
With advances in policy and increasing consumer awareness and demand for carbon reduction, fuels like biodiesel, renewable diesel and other renewable fuels are an important element of business strategy for every fuel-dependent entity.
“At REG, we’re helping to redefine what’s possible with the cleaner fuel solutions that we are unveiling, which allow us to immediately serve our customers and the world as the clean energy transition partner of choice,” said Cynthia Warner, president and CEO of Renewable Energy Group.
“Bio-based diesel can play an essential role in helping the entire transport industry reduce carbon emissions, and our customers are already seeing great success with our line of fuels, including our latest fuel innovation, PuriD™, and our flagship product Ultra Clean BlenD™.”
The transportation industry is responsible for 29%2 of all US carbon emissions, with trucking the largest contributor. Biodiesel and renewable diesel generate the greatest reduction in fossil carbon emissions, up to 100%, when compared with other alternatives in the transportation sector.


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