REG and Optimus collaborate to deliver biodiesel to fleets

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Renewable Energy Group (REG) fleet customers in Iowa, Washington, DC and Massachusetts are ramping up the use of 100% biodiesel (B100) in their fleets.
Through a partnership with Optimus Technologies, REG is helping fleets achieve their sustainability goals and reach near-zero emissions.
Biodiesel is a cleaner alternative to petroleum diesel that is readily available. It is suitable for use in any diesel engine, and works with current infrastructure, often being blended at a level of 20%, or B20.
With Optimus’ new technology, biodiesel is now able to be utilised as B100.
REG is helping fleets by not only by providing B100 fuel, but also by investing in infrastructure.
REG is providing turnkey services including storage tanks, dispensers and logistics solutions that provide a simple, low-cost total carbon reduction strategy.
“Delivering sustainable fuel directly to customers is a key element of REG’s downstream strategy and it is exciting to see the demand growing for B100,” said Bob Kenyon, senior vice president, sales & marketing for REG. “It has been common in the past to see fleets utilising blends of B5 to B20 in their fleets, but the capability of offering B100 as a finished fuel is an attractive lower carbon fuel solution for our customers.”
The B100 system from Optimus Technologies is an innovative and cost-effective approach for fleets to improve on their emissions targets.
Vehicles are equipped to run on B100 through a simple vehicle add-on that works in conjunction with the conventional diesel vehicle components.
The system starts and shuts down the engine on conventional diesel, operating on 100% biodiesel only after the vehicle has reached optimal operating conditions. This allows fleets to operate on B100 year-round.
“With more fleets across the nation beginning to expand their sustainability goals, we feel that the Optimus B100 System is an exceptional way to meet these goals and targets,” said Colin Huwyler, CEO of Optimus Technologies. “Our B100 technology is a solution that is available today and doesn’t require fleets to wait to begin implementing their sustainability plans.”

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