REG and Bunker Holding advance biodiesel use in US and EU marine markets

Bunker Holding Group, the world’s largest supplier and trader of marine fuels, and Renewable Energy Group (REG) are to further develop the US and EU marine markets for sustainable bio-based diesel.
Partnering REG’s expertise in biodiesel with Bunker Holding’s global reach will allow the companies to play a critical role in transitioning the shipping industry to more sustainable energy sources.
This collaboration agreement is initially focused on opportunities in North America and Europe, where trials of B20 and B30 are being run in high-traffic regions of both continents.
For REG, this agreement continues its efforts to expand product offerings with further reach into the approximately 230 million metric tonnes, global marine market.
“At Renewable Energy Group we see clearly the opportunity for biodiesel to be a sustainable fuel option of choice for customers in the clean energy transition. Partnering with Bunker Holding will accelerate the marine industry adoption of biodiesel to achieve aggressive carbon reduction goals,” said Bob Kenyon, senior vice president, sales and marketing at REG.
“Our renewable fuels and customer service are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today and offer a plug-and-play solution for the current shipping infrastructure. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Bunker Holding and supporting the shipping industry’s decarbonisation movement.”
“As conventional fossil fuel continues to power most of the world’s marine fleet, we are thrilled to engage in this collaboration with REG. It not only further strengthens our supply chain of alternative fuel, but also deepens our know-how and insight of biofuels,” said Christoffer Berg Lassen, CCO of Bunker Holding. “Engaging in partnerships with actors from value chains outside our normal boundaries is a cornerstone of our decarbonisation strategy. The energy transition in shipping cannot be solved individually, and we acknowledge the importance of working closely together with partners, such as REG, who bring great expertise and complements our core capabilities within bunkering.”

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