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Andreea Moyes, Air bp’s global head of sustainability, believes that Air bp has a lot it can bring to the table that will be crucial in developing the global scale for SAF. Here are some of these areas:
First, is its deep experience in aviation fuel distribution. Today, bp supplies 6 billion gallons of aviation fuel per year in over 700 locations in more than 45 countries, and we have supplied SAF to over 30 locations and counting.
Second is technology. There is no silver bullet when it comes to SAF technology – all pathways and feedstocks should be considered. Some are commercial and scalable today, like HEFA and others require more research and development.
Third is production. To meet SAF aims, bp is scaling production through co-processing at some of our refineries. It currently supply co-processed SAF from two bp refineries - Lingen in Germany and Castellon in Spain. Air bp is planning major projects involving a multi-billion dollar investments across five existing bp facilities –Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Lingen in Germany, Castellón in Spain, Cherry Point in the US, and Kwinana in...

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