Rail operator achieves biofuel target ahead of schedule

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Deutsche Bahn is using double the amount of biofuel in its diesel locomotives than it had predicted for this time – 17 million litres of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).
The German state rail operator has surpassed its 2025 biofuel volume target so early thanks to its successful conversion of diesel filling stations to HVO.
The biofuel produces 90% less CO₂ emissions than diesel and does not require any additional cultivation areas that compete with food and feed production.
Last year the rail operator approved 1,000 vehicles for refuelling with the biofuel. Over the next five years it will move over the last of its diesel vehicles to HVO.
Freight subsidiary DB Cargo has already approved its entire 800-strong fleet.
Phasing out diesel is a key part of DB’s goal to become climate neutral by 2040. For existing diesel vehicles, it primarily uses alternative fuels such as HVO biofuel, but for new vehicles it relies on different forms of propulsion, such as hydrogen and battery technology.
The company plans to invest roughly €1.5 billion into the expansion of new drives and fuels by 2027.

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