Pre-treatment for the production of renewable diesel

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Desmet Ballestra Group expertise lies in the oils and fats industry and this has helped it play an important rose in the biofuels market.
Can you tell me a bit about the Desmet Ballestra Group, its origins and what its main focuses are?
Desmet Ballestra Group was founded in 1946. We are a technology provider mainly focussing on all processes related to vegetable oil production and refining. In our portfolio we have technologies concerning seed preparation, mechanical and solvent extraction, vegetable oil refining and fat modification and this is for a wide variety of oilseeds (soya, rape, sunflower, palm oil and many more). Additionally to these main activities, we also have the technologies available to produce oleochemicals.
Besides this, we also have a great deal of experience in biofuels technologies. We have built more than 125 plants for ‘classical’ biodiesel production based on FAME, including pre-treatment and biodiesel plants, both designed and based on proprietary technology.
Since 2012, we started also to design and build pre-treatment plants for HVO production. We now have six large capacity plants in full operation...

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