Praj reaches 2G ethanol technology milestone with first commercialisation

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Bioenergy process solutions company Praj Industries has reached an important milestone in the commercialisation of its 2G ethanol ‘enfinity’ technology, following successful performance and due diligence by a US-based oil and gas major.

The company’s proprietary ‘enfinity’ technology will be used to produce ethanol and other co-products using sugarcane bagasse in the first bagasse-based biorefinery in the US. Renewable energy project developer Omega Energy USA will develop the biorefinery, while cane sugar producer Lasuca Sugar will supply bagasse feedstock.

As joint promoters of the project, Omega Energy and Lasuca Sugar have confirmed they are interested in contracting Praj to develop the design and project programme for a cellulosic biorefinery in the US. The proposed project, which will be located in the cane sugar belt, will be able to produce 10-15 million gallons per year of cellulosic ethanol.

“This development comes on the back of a successful 60-day robust operation of our 2G demo plant that was monitored and evaluated on various parameters by experts from the oil and gas major,” said Pramod Chaudhari, executive chairman at Praj.

“In addition to the Louisiana prospect, Praj is already executing four integrated bio-refineries for oil companies in India. We are delighted that ‘enfinity’, an Indian technology, is gaining global recognition and acceptance from developed markets like the US. This reinforces Praj’s position as a global leader in the advanced bio-economy.”

Omega Energy and Lasuca Sugar are currently completely necessary formalities for the project.