Port of San Diego adds renewable diesel vehicles to fleet

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The Port of San Diego in the US is planning to purchase seven vehicles for its work fleet that will run on renewable diesel fuel, in its efforts to act as an environmental champion of San Diego Bay.

The Board of Port Commissioners recently approved a $700,000 (€634,788) agreement with 72 Hour, DBA National Auto Fleet for the clean fuel vehicles. The emissions produced from renewable diesel do not result in a net increase of carbon dioxide emissions.

“The use of renewable diesel will help the port meet its Climate Action Plan goals to curb greenhouse gas emissions along San Diego Bay and its tidelands,” said Garry Bonelli, chairman of the Board of Port Commissioners. “The port’s greenhouse gas emissions have decreased 13% since 2006 and the purchase of these vehicles will help to further decrease air pollution.”

The vehicles, which will be used by general services staff as part of their maintenance duties at the port’s facilities, parks and other areas, include: one dump truck, two pick-up trucks, one utility gardener truck, one stake bed truck, one stake truck and one refuse packer/loader.

The agreement also includes two gasoline-fuelled mid-sized SUVs that will replace two older fleet vehicles. These new SUVs will be more fuel efficient and therefore produce fewer emissions that the older vehicles.