PetroTrans 2020 and GasTrans 2020 expos cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic

The international trade fair expo PetroTrans, which was to take place in conjunction with expo GasTrans, has been axed due to COVID-19.
The event will not take place as planned from 1-3 October, but in the autumn of 2022.
The decision to postpone the trade fair did not come lightly to the organisers, but was inevitable in light of social distancing and global restrictions.
In the Federal State of Hessen, major events are prohibited until August 31 at the earliest.
Had it gone ahead, the trade fair would have taken place only under strict conditions regarding the number of participants.
The organisers said that production stoppages and interrupted supply chains have made it very difficult to provide high-quality exhibits, hence the decision to postpone.
In addition, many participants and visitors from more than 50 countries would not have been able to participate due to reduced travel possibilities.
This early decision to postpone the trade fair is intended to minimise the economic burden for the participating companies and to avoid unnecessary costs for exhibitors and service providers.
The organisers would like to thank the exhibitor committee for its constructive dialogue.
The 9th expo will take place in the usual two-year cycle in autumn 2022 at the Kassel trade fair.