PetroAlgae and Sky Airline collaborate

US-based renewable energy firm PetroAlgae and Sky Airline, a Chilean airline providing passenger, mail and cargo air transportation services, have entered into a non-binding offtake agreement.

Subject to certain conditions, the collaboration will see Sky Airline purchase the fuel feedstock produced by licensees of PetroAlgae’s technology as a feedstock for conversion into renewable jet fuel.

PetroAlgae’s proprietary technology, consisting of light and environmental management systems, allows its customer licensees to grow aquatic microorganisms at a rate that consistently exceeds four times the natural growth rates. This enables the commercial-scale production of two end-products: a fuel feedstock and a protein. The fuel feedstock is intended to be used principally in existing refineries, resulting in renewable fuels, including renewable jet fuel.

‘With PetroAlgae’s commercial-scale biomass from micro-crops, we hope to develop clean renewable jet fuel in existing refineries, which will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and create green jobs in the process,’ said the director of Sky Airline Holger Paulmann.

Source: PetroAlgae

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