Pennsylviania votes to eliminate E10 ethanol mandate

The state House of Representatives in Pennsylvania, US, has voted to remove the ethanol-blending mandate for petrol sold in the state.

In 2008, Pennsylvania set a requirement for sold petrol to be blended with a minimum of 10% ethanol whenever in-state ethanol production exceeded 350 million gallons.

However, Republican State Representative Seth Grove says the in-state production has not once come close to breaking that threshold and the blending requirement is an example of a failed and ineffective government mandate.

‘Consumers know that ethanol has lowered their fuel economy and can wreak havoc on older vehicles and small engines.  We must continue researching viable alternative energy sources to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but the ethanol blending mandate is not effective public policy,’ Grove says.

The blending mandate was intended as an incentive for investment in ethanol production in Pennsylvania.

The bill will now be considered in the state Senate.