Oregon to adopt B2 mandate

The US state of Oregon is to adopt a mandate requiring diesel sold in the state to contain at least 2% biodiesel by 1 October. Nine counties in northwest Oregon will introduce the requirement from next week.

Oregon passed renewable energy legislation in 2007 stating that a B2 mandate would take effect when the state’s biodiesel production capacity reached 5 million gallons a year. This condition was met when SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel recently completed the expansion of its Salem Plant from one million gallons a year to five.

A separate mandate for petrol to contain at least 10% ethanol, passed at the same time, took effect much sooner.

500 million gallons of diesel and 1.5 billion gallons of petrol are sold in Oregon every year.

Biodiesel has been widely available in Oregon for some time, with many businesses voluntarily using a B20 blend in their own vehicles. The city of Portland has had a B5 mandate since August 2007.

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