Optimistic outlook

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Biodiesel producers in North America have their eyes set on hitting a US output target of 6 billion gallons, much earlier than originally planned, as they enjoy a period of demand driving supply.
After securing a 3 billion/gallon output last year, production across the US is on track for 4 billion this year with power to add, according to Paul Winters, director of public affairs and Federal Communications for Clean Fuels Alliance America.
“Our vision is to achieve 6 billion gallons of production and use in the US by the end of the decade and we're anticipating that this will be secured ahead of schedule,” he told Biofuels International.
“Although some biodiesel facilities have closed over the past year, for individual company reasons, others have come online enabling production levels to hold steady.
That’s against a background of growing outlets for biodiesel across a number of markets, such as marine fuel, jet fuel, heating oils, emergency electricity generators and others.
“Instead of producers going out to convince customers to buy from us, therefore, they are approaching us and looking to us to meet their demand. This has...

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