Oilseed processing declines in German market

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German oil mills processed less rapeseed, sunflower seed and fewer soybeans in the first half of the running marketing year 2022/23 compared with the same period a year earlier.
According to information published by the German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE), oil mills in Germany processed just under 4.5 million tonnes of rapeseed in the period July through December last year.
This translated to a just over 5% decline year-on-year. Processors did not receive new supply from German production until August 2022, which was late.
According to the BLE, rapeseed processing amounted to only 536,200 tonnes in July 2022, but increased to 721,200 tonnes in September and as much as 855,800 tonnes in October 2022. The all-time peak was recorded at 883,000 tonnes of rapeseed in August 2021.
Processing of other oilseeds slowed compared to the previous year's period, declining just under 11% to 1.6 million tonnes in the half year under review.
A noticeable increase was not recorded until December 2022, with processing reaching 323,500 tonnes, which compared to an average of 258,000 tonnes in the months before. Total oilseed processing amounted to just under 6.2 million tonnes.
This was down 6.8% on 2021 and comparable to the figure recorded in 2019. In general, production of vegetable oils and meals saw a slight decrease.

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