NYC opens first renewable diesel fuel station

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New York City took a monumental step towards clean air and a sustainable future with the grand opening of the city's first retail fuel station dispensing renewable diesel on January 11.
This historic collaboration between Sprague and Sonomax signals a new era for the transportation sector with this drop-in fuel solution.
“Sprague has a long history of introducing cleaner fuel solutions in NYC, which includes pioneering and commercializing ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel ten years before an EPA mandate, becoming the first terminal marketer in the nation to earn the status of the Clean Fuels Alliance of America, formerly the National Biodiesel Board, Certified BQ-9000 Marketer in 2006 for its biodiesel offering, and more recently by investing in renewable diesel supply at our Bronx terminal since June 2023,” said David Glendon, president and CEO of Sprague Operating Resources.
“As we move toward electrification, renewable diesel and other sustainable fuels are a great drop-in solution to dramatically reduce emissions today.”
Sprague will continue to expand its supply of renewable diesel across its Northeast footprint to serve the transportation and home heating markets.
Transportation remains a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Renewable diesel is a seamless replacement for conventional fossil fuel diesel, delivering significant environmental and public health benefits, without sacrificing performance.
“Empire Clean Cities proudly commends Sonomax, Sprague, and all the partners involved in the grand opening of New York's first public renewable diesel station.
“By introducing RD at retail fuel stations, this initiative presents fleets with a pivotal chance to dramatically curtail greenhouse gas emissions, NOx, and particulate matter, making an immediate and positive impact on the air we all breathe. The decision to make renewable fuels widely accessible underscores a collective stride toward a cleaner transportation landscape and promoting a greener, healthier future for all,” stated Joy Gardner, executive director, Empire Clean Cities.

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