Nova Pangaea reveals biofuel technology breakthrough

A Redcar-based cleantech company has made a significant breakthrough of its proprietary REFNOVA technology.
Nova Pangaea Technologies has proven a new process route that significantly reduces the customer’s capital expenditure and delivers economic returns.
The new technology suite offers up to six configurations, which focus on the output products such as biochar and non-fossil fuel derived activated carbon and advanced biofuels with a pathway to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
The company is now moving quickly to offer a REFNOVA technology suite to customers around the world, based on feedstock input and the customers desired economic goals.
CEO Sarah Ellerby said: “This is a game-changer for Nova Pangaea Technologies and, of course, our customers. This breakthrough strengthens our value proposition and delivers on our customer promise of continuously innovating REFNOVA to find ways to improve customer economics and reduce CAPEX and OPEX.”
The REFNOVA suite takes a modular design approach which allows customers to “add-on” additional REFNOVA product applications as desired.
She added: “In addition to decarbonising transport fuels via the implementation of E10, we need to consider reducing the dependency on coal for the production of activated carbon and move to a bio-carbon approach. “REFNOVABLACK is a right here, right now process to produce 100% sustainable products and renewable fuel sources economically. “REFNOVABLACK brings additional benefits to users wherever governments introduce a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme.”
She continued: “We have adopted a “next-generation” strategy at Nova and are continuously seeking ways to improve and innovate the technology and provide sustainable products. This allows Nova to stay relevant and disrupt the market.”
Nova Pangaea’s REFNOVA technology sustainably converts forestry and agricultural residues into sustainable biochemicals and biopolymers and drop-in products for biofuels.

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