Norden to test new biofuel in partnership with Kvasir Technologies

Norden has teamed up with Denmark-based Kvasir Technologies, a spinout from the Technical University of Denmark, to develop biofuel from plant material.

Using a new technology, Kvasir Technologies focuses on transforming lignin in biomass for use in the production of biofuel. Unlike other methods, Kvasir’s technology is able to convert both cellulose and lignin into a liquid biofuels project.

"This project will demonstrate the suitability of our biofuel as bunkers and further accelerate the technological development," explained Joachim Bachmann Nielsen, CEO at Kvasir Technologies.

Henrik Røjel, fuel efficiency and decarbonisation manager at Norden, added: “At Norden, we want to drive the shipping industry towards a cleaner future. If we are to truly make a difference, testing fuel alternatives is the right starting point. The collaboration with Kvasir is highly welcomed, both as part of our aim to be a front runner in the decarbonisation agenda and because companies thinking outside the box is a necessity in the process of finding the solutions of tomorrow.”

Under the partnership, Norden aims to make shipping more sustainable; the company plans to prioritise finding alternatives to fossil-based fuels, and has already carried out tests with biofuels.

In September 2018, Norden became the first shipping company to carry out a test voyage on a large ocean-going vessel powered by carbon neutral biofuel.

“Norden wants to be a front runner in this phase of experimentation and help gather intelligence that will hopefully make a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions and help the industry reach the ambitious goal for 2050 set by the International Maritime Organisation,” added Røjel. “In the effort to be a front runner, Norden is assisting in the testing and development of biofuel on owned vessels while working on making biofuel a standard on the company’s long-term chartered vessels.”

A full-scale test of Kvasir’s fuel will be conducted on one of Norden’s vessels at a later stage during the three-and-a-half year-long collaboration. The two companies aim to increase knowledge of the characteristics of the biofuel and prove its suitability for future use in shipping.

The collaboration between Norden and Kvasir is part of ShippingLab, a joint industry initiative aimed at developing Danish competences in the fields of digitalisation, autonomous shipping and environmentally friendly technology.

“Denmark is rightfully perceived as a leading nation within shipping and development of green technologies, and the collaboration between Norden and Kvasir Technologies is an excellent example of this, which we are very happy to support,” said Magnus Gary, project director at ShippingLab.

ShippingLab is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Maritime Fund, Orient’s Fund and Lauritzen Fonden.