New software that offers energy savings for biofuels industry

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ProSim, a European process simulation and optimisation software house, has released a new version of its Simulis Pinch software.
This tool has been enhanced to also reduce water consumption and discharges from industrial processes by optimising water reuse within the biofuels industry for example.
Simulis Pinch brings together all the features required for an advanced energy and/or water audit in a unique tool.
For most industrial processes, reducing energy and water consumption is a major economic and environmental challenge.
Using the pinch method to recover waste heat by strategically exchanging heat between hot and cold streams within the process is an efficient way to reduce energy consumption. Likewise, the reuse of water, with or without regeneration, is a proven way to reduce water consumption and waste in a process.
When the number of exchanges is small, finding the optimum configuration manually is easy. However, when many configurations are possible, an appropriate methodology and a specific tool becomes necessary.
Based on the Pinch technology, the advantage of Simulis Pinch is its automatic and fast synthesis of a network of heat and/or water exchangers that allows assess in a few clicks for the water and energy in industrial processes.
The engineer can quickly determine the modifications to be made to the process to significantly reduce energy and water consumptions.
Simulis Pinch can be applied to any industrial process. The software makes it possible to quickly find a good process design, allowing the best tradeoff between investments and operating costs, to achieve a maximum reduction of energy and water consumption.
The new version is made up of two modules that allow easy process integration in Microsoft Excel - Simulis Pinch Energy and Simulis Pinch Water.