New refinery to turn used tyres into advanced biofuels

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Nexolub and Life for Tyres (L4T) have announced a 10-year offtake agreement for the supply of renewable biofuel to be produced at a new recycling plant under construction in Puertollano, Spain.
This agreement will result in an expected volume of up to 10,000 tonnes per year of the new advanced hydrocarbon.
Used tyres will be sent to refineries to meet the growing demand for advanced raw materials in the petrochemical, marine and aviation sectors.
With an annual processing capacity of around 30,000 tonnes of used tyres, the plant will be operational early next year and will be the first in Spain and the largest in Europe capable of transforming the product into advanced biofuel and other high-quality secondary raw materials.
Marc Monllau, CEO of Nexolub, said: “The current environmental challenges require the development of sustainable raw materials that can be successfully integrated into the supply chain of conventional petrochemicals, as well as in maritime transport.
“This agreement, the first with Life for Tyres, will be the ideal framework for building the expansion strategy of the next plants planned in Spain. It allows us to offer solutions linked to the circular economy, a product in growing demand due to the transition momentum that the hydrocarbon sector is going through.”
The new advanced biofuel is a renewable and circular liquid made by L4T that will be International Sustainable Carbon Credit (ISCC) certified.
This proves compliance with the legal requirements for sustainability in the bioenergy markets and documents the sustainability and traceability of the supply chain from tyre recycling, processing and through to delivery of the end product to the customer.
Located in the La Nava industrial estate in Puertollano, Spain, Life for Tyres plans to start up the plant at the beginning of January, where 38 direct jobs and 250 indirect jobs will be created and which has required an investment of almost 30 million euros.
In addition to advanced biofuel, high quality raw materials such as green carbon black, the metallic fraction (steel) present in tyres, and Syngas will be obtained.
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