New palm oil variety produced for higher yields

The product is ready for commercialisation
The product is ready for commercialisation
The Malaysia Palm Oil Board’s (MPOB) collaboration with a plantation company Kulim has successfully produced the latest oil palm planting material known as Clonal Palm Series 3 (CPS3).
According to the MPOB, CPS3 is a quality palm oil clone capable of increasing productivity and higher yields of fresh fruit bunches (FFB), according to a report from the Malaysian news agency Bernama.
“CPS3 is among the series of planting materials developed by MPOB offered for commercial cultivation by estates and smallholders,” MPOB said in a statement.
Head of the research team, Siti Rahmah Abdul Rahman said that CPS3 has recorded higher productivity of FFB and oil yield per hectare.
The CPS3 clonal material delivers high productivity by maximising yield per hectare.
“The CPS3 clone, which is planted in a density of 136 palms per hectare, produces 37.5% oil per bunch with 221.7 kg of FFB per palm within a year,” she said.
She said the characteristics of CPS3 fits the ideal combination of producing about 15 bunches a year and weighing 15kg as recommended by oil palm breeders.
The CPS3 clone has managed to produce 11.3 tonnes of oil per hectare per year compared with 8.6 tonnes per hectare per year for the best DxP hybrid.
CPS3 superior clonal planting material is ready for commercialisation by oil palm plantations and for seed producers to propagate clonal breeds in their respective tissue culture laboratories.
The product is ready for commercialisation