New E15 fuel configuration gets approval in US

The US Environmental Protection Agency as approved a new blender pump configuration in regard to the sale of E10 and E15 blended fuel.

The configuration was submitted by the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and means that petrol stations wishing to dispense E-type fuel from a blender pump with a common nozzle and hose can do so.

‘When two different gasoline-ethanol blended fuels are dispensed from the same hose and nozzle, residual fuel from a prior fuelling of E15 may be comingled with a subsequent fuelling of E10, resulting in the inadvertent misfueling of vehicles not covered by the E15 partial waivers with fuels containing greater than 10% volume ethanol,’ the EPA states.

To overcome that issue, the EPA previously approved another industry configuration that required a minimum 4 gallon purchase of fuel from a blender pump. Although groups representing small non-passenger vehicles objected to that statement, the RFA has said it will look into any potential solutions.

‘With this new change, we expect to see additional interest in E15 and an increased availability thereby provided American drivers with a product that helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil while also benefiting the environment,” says RFA CEO Bob Dinneen.

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