New CPC fuel system to be demonstrated to military

Provider of small modular bioenergy systems Community Power Corporation (CPC) has produced ‘drop-in’ diesel and aviation fuels from wood chips and other waste biomass materials with a new system.

CPC’s LiquiMax uses a proprietary enhanced Fischer-Tropsch process, housed in 20” shipping containers, which converts the nitrogen-diluted syngas produced by its biomass processing system.

“What separates our gas-to-liquid system from others is the inexpensive, proprietary catalysts used to enhance the process and also allow us to process a wide range of feedstock in liquid fuels,’ says CPC project manager Steve Sherwood.

 Sherwood adds that, as the end products require no additional processing, they can be used directly in engines without blending or additives.

The process has also produced a low-freeze-point turbine aviation fuel which has passed the Tier One qualification for Military JP-8 fuel.

‘Demonstration of the flexibility of this processing system is planned within a few weeks for the military,’ says CPC VP Bill Cetti. ‘The ability to process biomass, natural gas, landfill and similar gases into liquid fuels adds markets to the CPC gas-to-liquid programme and the upsizing of the system is practical which further enhances the market opportunities.’

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