New biodiesel facility planned for Oman

Green Fuels’ joint venture company in the Sultanate of Oman, Wakud International, has signed a lease on its new facilities at the Khazaen Economic City.
Wakud will process locally-collected waste oils into biodiesel and other biofuels.
“Wakud will set up a state-of-the-art biodiesel plant. The aim behind the establishment of this plant is to optimise the utilisation of untapped potential resources and contribute towards Oman’s economic diversification,” said Khalid Al Balushi, CEO of Khazaen.
Maher Al Habsi, CEO of Wakud, added: “We intend to collaborate with all interested parties and stakeholders to create a biofuel hub in Oman centered around our biodiesel project with Green Fuels in Khazaen.”
The biodiesel plant is one of the key strategic projects. The project has been selected based on specific criteria that included having a strategic partner, enhancing the added value, achieving sustainability in economic diversification and promoting the culture of innovation and sustainability in the Sultanate.
The company aims to be a regional leader in biofuels to create positive impact in the region and to enhance the biofuels ecosystem in the country.
Wakud is a joint venture between Green Fuels, Protostar Group, and Maher Al Habsi with special support from the Implementation Support & Follow Up unit (ISFU) and EJAAD.
Wakud is focused on producing sustainable biofuels for a brighter, green world while promoting a circular economy.