Neste joins with two partners to distribute renewable diesel in France

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Neste is partnering with two new distributors in France to make Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ available for the first time in the market and to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the transport sector.
Neste MY Renewable Diesel will be available in France from January.
“We are very proud to start our collaboration with two new fuel distribution partners, Altens and Bolloré Energy in the French market. In France, transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 30% of all emissions.
“With Neste MY Renewable Diesel, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by as much as 75-95% over the life cycle of the fuel compared to fossil diesel,” said Peter Zonneveld, VP Sales EMEA, renewable road transportation at Neste.
“The collaboration between Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel, and Altens, a 100% dedicated provider of non-fossil and low-carbon solutions, reflects a joint commitment to effective decarbonisation initiatives.
“Our decision to join forces with Neste to make Neste MY Renewable Diesel available in France was based on the reliability and efficiency of the solution enabling significant greenhouse gas emission reductions for its users. Furthermore, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a high-quality and high-performance fuel, meeting all specifications of relevant technical standards,” added Mohamed Bennama, director at Altens.
“As a major actor in distributing oil and gas in France and in Europe, Bolloré Energy is proud to announce the partnership with Neste. This is a step forward that is seamlessly connected to our ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation – thanks to Neste MY Renewable Diesel,” said Thibaut de Rivoire, Deputy CEO of Bolloré Energy.

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