Nebraska hails first sales of E15 biofuels

The US state of Nebraska has had its first sales of E15 blended fuel this October.

A service station in Lexington had blender pumps installed on 16 October and confirmed sales by the end of that weekend. The station owner, Neal Hoff, utilised a blender pump grant from the Nebraska Corn Board to get started.

Hoff was quoted as saying that E15 ‘was the fuel of the future for automobiles’ and a logical choice for customers.

Thanks to the move by the Environmental Protection Agency that allows cars 2001 and newer to inject E15, Hoff knows 85% of the cars on the road are eligible to use it and that, eventually, ‘ we’ll migrate from E10 to E15 and we’re on the front end of that’.

Nebraska is the second largest producer of ethanol in the United States behind Iowa.

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