Marathon acquires mothballed biodiesel plant

A deal has been secured
A deal has been secured
US energy giant Marathon has purchased a Beatrice biodiesel plant.
The Duonix facility in Nebraska, was owned by Flint Hills Resources, has been idled for several months.
The 50 million gallon plant produced biodiesel using a variety of waste fats and oils such as recycled cooking oil, vegetable oil, tallow, and distillers’ corn oil but had become uncompetitive.
It has been reported that the plant had been sold to subsidiary Corn Oil Renewable Energy.
Marathon is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, and the company has 16 refineries with the nearest ones to the Beatrice area in North Dakota, Minnesota and Illinois.
Marathon said the plant will be used to aggregate and pretreat renewable diesel feedstocks such as corn oil, soybean oil and rendered fats. The feedstocks will then be shipped to Marathon’s renewable diesel facility in Dickinson, North Dakota.
Marathon expects the facility to be operational by early next year.
The Beatrice Biodiesel facility in north-west Beatrice at the Gage County Industrial Park, was served by rail. The plant was a joint project of Flint Hills Resources and Benefuel - the first commercial-scale application of a technology converting a variety of feed stocks into biodiesel.
A deal has been secured