Malaysia tops table for palm oil supply to China

A palm oil plantation
A palm oil plantation
Malaysia’s palm oil exports to China increased by 31.9% or 316,400 tonnes over last year to 1.31 million tonnes from January to June this year.
This contrasts with Indonesia which shipped 1.28 million tonnes of palm oil to China - decreasing by 42.7% or 956,400 tonnes.
As a result, palm oil market share commanded by Malaysia in China up to June this year rose from 30.7% held last year to 50.3%.
Indonesia’s share on the other hand slid to 49.2% from 69.2% for the same period in comparison.
Malaysia has become the top palm oil supplier once again since 2015.
The primary reason for the Malaysian market share gain is the increase in domestic usage and the reduction in the availability of Indonesian palm oil for exports.
Based on the Indonesian government’s projection, implementation of the B30 mandate from B20 on 1st January absorbed an additional 2.4 million tonnes of palm oil for the country’s domestic usage of biodiesel.
A palm oil plantation